Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Week 8: Still Going Strong!

Ahh my poor little blog, it's been a little neglected lately!

But nevermind, my nutrition, training and mindset are all spot on, and after feeling a little deflated last week, I'm well and truly back on top... and I have the pic to prove it!

Now this pic isn't really my "before" picture from the start of 12WBT.  This pic is from April this year when I was jetting off on holiday, and the weeks leading up to it, I worked my bum off to feel AMAZING wearing this gorgeous yellow bikini!  This was the absolute best I've felt about my body, I was SO proud of myself. But being on holiday, and in a strange country, eating different food and without gym access for more than half of it, I fell off the wagon a little, and came back 3.5kg heavier, and feeling very bloated.

Last week I was feeling a little discouraged, as after I put on weight at my weigh in on Wednesday (even though this is expected for Lean & Strong, as we build muscle), I was worried I still didn't look as good as I did when I was going away! I really thought I hadn't changed that much, especially since the scales have only gone down about a kilo between these shots! But when I was these two pictures side by side, I was so pleased :) I can definitely see a change through my stomach and thighs, even my hips - WOOOHOOO! :D

So my lovely 12wbters, it's weigh in Wednesday! And Week 8, a "Mini Milestone" week! How are you going?

And if you are feeling discouraged, do a before/after pic comparison! Really shows the progress so much better than the scales can :)

Hang in there! 4 weeks until the end of this 12 week program, and the start of the rest of your life as a happier, healthier and fitter version of yourself ;)

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