Friday, 10 May 2013

12WBT: This is NOT diet food!

One of the pre-season tasks for 12WBT is to thinking about excuses...

One of my silly excuses is: "I'm too tired, I can't be bothered".  You know those days when you're alarm didn't go off, so you rushed to work without make-up on, and the traffic was horrible so you still arrived late, you're boss asked you where that performance report is, the phone won't stop ringing? Finally its hometime and things are looking to improve. so you hit the gym to relive your stress, only to find its so busy your workout takes much longer than usual, and after feeling like the WHOLE WORLD has been against you all day, you finally get home and think to yourself, "I'm too tired and I can't be bothered cooking, and then washing up!" Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm sure you know the feeling?

In an attempt to pre-empt that excuse, and to take advantage of my current excited motivation and "no excuses" #beastmodeactivated mood, I decided to prepare some meals that I could freeze and just wack in the microwave when I'm feeling exhausted.

So I made my first 12WBT recipe! How exciting! I picked the yummiest sounding one that I already had most of the ingredients for - 'Mexican Style Shepard's Pie', and boy, this did NOT disappoint!  I had to triple check I hadn't read the recipe/quantities wrong it tastes so damn good!

This is not 'diet food' people!
I am so impressed! If all the recipes are this full of veggies and taste this amazing; I'm going to be so ripped in 12 weeks! Haha.

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